Paul Austin Ardoin

Paul Austin Ardoin is the author of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries and Murders of Substance, two series of mystery novels published under the Pax Ardsen brand. For more information about Paul, visit his website or Goodreads and purchase his books on and Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers.

Goodman Life Consulting

Adam Goodman is a life consultant who specializes in helping men regain their ferocity as they transition into exciting new phases of life like marriage and fatherhood.

Salient Partners

Salient Partners is an asset management firm based in Houston, San Francisco, and New York.


Until they were acquired in 2018, Boozehound was an early entrant to the gig-based alcohol delivery space.

Epsilon Theory

Epsilon Theory examines capital markets through the lenses of Game Theory and history.

Redwood Pipe & Drain

Redwood Pipe & Drain is a plumbing business located in Santa Cruz, California. The client provided a rough concept that Feral Creative Colony fleshed out into a usable, versatile brand.

Forward Management

Forward was an asset management firm based in San Francisco with approximately $5 billion in assets under management when it was acquired by Salient Partners in 2015.